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Author: Dr. Suresh chandra Mishra Publisher: Shree Pranav Publications Language: English
 350.00  250.00
Material: Plastic Colour: Golden Dimensions: 8W x8H x 8D Best in Quality Weight: 50
 599.00  349.00
Laughing Buddha with Gold Ingots is regarded as the most auspicious God of wealth. It brings success, prosperity and financial gains to the house. Laughing Buddha with Gold Ingots signifies abundance of unlimited wealth, prosperity and lucks.
 8,000.00  7,500.00
Author: Mridula Trivedi and T. P. Trivedi Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publication Language: English
 800.00  650.00
QUICK OVERVIEW Literal meaning of the word ‘Ekakshi Nariyal’ is one eyed coconut. Normally, a coconut has three black spots on its upper part, which are considered as two eyes and one mouth, but in very rare case of one eyed coconut, there is only spot i.e. one eye, hence this name.
 1,201.14  1,101.14
QUICK OVERVIEW Kuber Yantra is the most powerful Yantra to attract Wealth, Success and Prosperity. Kuber Yantra is an auspicious instrument through which one can gratify Lord Kuber and achieve his blessings. Worshiping Kuber brings Money to the believer by drawing sources of income. Kuber Yantra should always face the North or East and should be kept in a sacred altar.
 1,040.09  940.09
QUICK OVERVIEW Mahamritunjay Kavachis a powerful tool blessed by Lord Shiva. Mahamrityunjaya Kavach yantra helps in relieving people of ailments and fears. It has an image of Deity Mahadev Shiv and the Mahamriyunjaya Yantraon Kavach. It also protects us from sinful effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh and Planetary negative influences.
 76.60  74.60
QUICK OVERVIEW Pearl (Mukta, Moti) Big Mala has a cooling effect on the mind and body. The Mukta, Moti Big Mala is also recommended for performing Japa of Goddess mantras. Pearl Mala is recommended for the Aries ascendant. It gives the capacity to appreciate life. The related planet of Pearl is the Moon.
 2,361.53  2,061.53
Citrine (Sunela) Mala / Rosary is great for the betterment of strength, name, reputation, success, and respect in life. Citrine (Sunela) Mala / Rosaries stimulate the healing energies and boosts self-esteem in life. It is  effective Rosary/ Mala for increasing one’s intelligence  
 3,500.00  3,200.00
Sulemani is viewed as Hakik’s (psychic) stone. By wearing it, the individual is loaded up with positive vitality and it always considered to be true. It is likewise utilized in Fengshui Vaastu and it is regularly observed with laughing Buddha and other fengshui based things. Hakik or agate is a semi-valuable hazy gemstone which is utilized as a mending stone. It is utilized in Astrology as a psychic stone
 5,900.00  5,400.00


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