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QUICK OVERVIEW Vashikaran Kavach is used to fascinate the person you want and bring her or him under your impact. ‘Vashikaran’ factually means to control somebody. Hence, Vashikaran Kavach has mystical powers of attraction and fascination. This Pendant focuses the energy and willpower of your mental waves to appeal the person of your dreams.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Mariners Compass is a Vastu instrument or tool consisting of parallel magnetic needles attached to a card marked to point out a direction and degrees of a circle. Usually a compass diagram shows the proper directions east, west, north and south as abbreviated initials marked on the compass.Mariners Compass is an innovative toolthat can easily help you to search correct arrangements according to Vastu
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QUICK OVERVIEW Parad (Mercury) Ganesha symbolizes the blessing of the utmost Deity Ganpati that removes obstacles from life and makes sure success in every field. Deity Ganesha is honoured as the son of the Goddess Parvati and God Mahadev (Shiva).Mercury Ganapati brings wealth, name, fame and success.
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QUICK OVERVIEW 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is best for achieving success, name, fame and peace. It should be worn on Monday.5 Mukhi Rudraksha is very powerful Rudraksha bead to be worn.Fear of death and accident can be eliminated by the power of this sacred bead
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QUICK OVERVIEW Performing the Bhoomi Nirman Puja is beneficial for those, who are proceeding forward to build a new house or going to start the cultivation of the season. Bhawan Nirman Puja gives the blessings of the Mother Earth and ensure a good result by eliminating the negativities. Thus, people worship Mother Earth to bring joy, peace, health and prosperity in their life
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QUICK OVERVIEW The Red Coral (Moonga, Praval) Gemstone is the Gemstone of Planet Mars (Mangal Grah) as per Vedic Astrology. The Planet Mars is the planet of energy, strength, blood circulation and ambition and the Moonga is worn to boost the positive effects of Mars in the Birth Chart. It is an amazing gemstone for boosting self-esteem
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QUICK OVERVIEW With its beauty and grace, the Peacock signifies eternal love, purity, beauty, royalty, and faith. The beautiful Bejeweled Peacock adds glamour to your office desk or home. The peacock’s elegant beauty will instantly bring auspicious chi (positive energy) and harmony to your home. It is the symbol of peace as well as Feng Shui Love. In Vastu, Bejeweled Peacock is also used to symbolize love and commitment, good fortune and abundance.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Rahu mala (rahu rosary) is used to remove malefic effects of planet Rahu. Rahu rosary is used to achieve early success in your life. Rahu mala prevents you from negativity in your mind and keeps your mind calm and silent.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Rudraksha Om Bracelets are worn for good health, peace of mind and for removing evil eye effects. It sharpen the intelligence and stimulate the mind. Rudraksha bead Om Bracelet brings prosperity and abundance and helps to promote harmony and peace in the family. It is also known to calm tension and give clarity to voice. Wearing Rudraksha Bracelet also increases positive energy
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QUICK OVERVIEW Goddess Laxmi is the ruling deity of MahaLaxmi Yantra. An individual who worships MahaLakshmi Yantra with belief and devotion attains wealth and happiness. It is believed that installing this auspicious Yantra at home is equal to establishing the statue of Maa Laxmi.One who carries MahaLakshmi Yantra all the time gets victory in every field of life.
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