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QUICK OVERVIEW Crystal Pyramid on the stand is an age-old spiritual symbol and its main function is to remove stagnated and bad energy and concentrating harmonizing energies.Placing pyramids made with Crystal in the house can remove tiredness and exhaustion.If you wish to know more,
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QUICK OVERVIEW Vyaparvridhi (Business Growth) Yantra is a Yantra for fortune, name, fame and progress in revenue, incomes or wealth. It is recommended forthe business executives facing any sort of financial crisis in their business.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Rahu mala (rahu rosary) is used to remove malefic effects of planet Rahu. Rahu rosary is used to achieve early success in your life. Rahu mala prevents you from negativity in your mind and keeps your mind calm and silent.
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All these yantras help in maintaining the balance and harmony in our external and internal vaastu and thus make our life more happier
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QUICK OVERVIEW Goddess Laxmi is the ruling deity of MahaLaxmi Yantra. An individual who worships MahaLakshmi Yantra with belief and devotion attains wealth and happiness. It is believed that installing this auspicious Yantra at home is equal to establishing the statue of Maa Laxmi.One who carries MahaLakshmi Yantra all the time gets victory in every field of life.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Pearl (Mukta, Moti) Big Mala has a cooling effect on the mind and body. The Mukta, Moti Big Mala is also recommended for performing Japa of Goddess mantras. Pearl Mala is recommended for the Aries ascendant. It gives the capacity to appreciate life. The related planet of Pearl is the Moon.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Shri Dhan Laxmi Yantra attracts wealth towards the worshipper and transforms all loses into profits. People worship dhan laxmi yantra for success and wealth. This complete shri dhan laxmi yantra kit is designed in such a way that your all wishes can be fulfilled.
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QUICK OVERVIEW According to Vedic Astrology, Emerald Gemstone represents the planet Mercury. It enhances the power of this planet and brings in better understanding of life, better ability to grasp deeper subjects and a balanced perspective of life too. The individual wearing emerald can visibly see a spurt in creativity, linguistic skills, artistic talents and ability to ideate/ innovate better.
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DollsofIndia Framed Sri Sainath Kavach Mahayantra – 3.25 x 2.5 x 1 inches
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QUICK OVERVIEW A Vastu Compass is innovative self-indicating device helping you to check arrangements according to vastu as well as suggests arrangements. Vastu compass is a device used to determine the right arrangement for any given place. It is a self-pointing device, which helps the Vastu expert to check the arrangements and placement of things within a structure and suggest alternative arrangement accordingly.
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QUICK OVERVIEW 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Silver Pendant, helps to wash out all types of sins committed by the user. It enhances knowledge, strength, vitality, etc. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha bead minimizes the effects of inauspicious Planets present in the wearer’s birth chart. It also gives leadership qualities to overcome stressful situations.
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