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QUICK OVERVIEW Hanging Vastu Crystal Ganesha helps you to achieve wealth, knowledge and success without any complications. One cannot achieve intelligence and any Siddhi without the blessings of Deity Ganesha. The unique Hanging Vastu Crystal Ganesha made of crystal is used to eliminate Vastu defects.
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Brown colored five mukhi rudraksha mala chain with 108+1 beads with it Keep it away from water, perfumes, creams and other chemicals, clean it with soft cloth
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QUICK OVERVIEW Crystal Ball is a great source of energy inducer and works very well in harmonizing your body. Crystal balls are known to have healing qualities too. Corners of the room or edges are a source of negative chi; one can place this Crystal Ball around such places to remove negative chi. If you want to know more about Crystal Ball
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QUICK OVERVIEW Pyra cards protection and safeguard offers you all round safety and self-protection. It is very easy to use and carry. It works as protection tool for you. It is must for all those who go out for work and travel. It creates a self-defense environment around user of Pyra card protection. It also keep evil eye away from you. It protects you all day and night without any personal attention.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Vashikaran Kavach is used to fascinate the person you want and bring her or him under your impact. ‘Vashikaran’ factually means to control somebody. Hence, Vashikaran Kavach has mystical powers of attraction and fascination. This Pendant focuses the energy and willpower of your mental waves to appeal the person of your dreams.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Discover quick and easy ways to enhance health, peace and prosperity. Also learn hundreds of Do-it-yourself, practical techniques to correct Vastu & Feng Shui defects with the power of Pyramids. By today more than 2.5 million people are connected with this Pyramid-Net. Don’t wait! Just try a simple experiment from this book and expect a miracle!
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Shiva God Gold Plated Rudraksh Mala Chain Long 24 Inches 6805 For Unisex
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QUICK OVERVIEW White coral contains special healing powers. White Coral (Safed Moonga) improves energy, strength and immune system of the wearer. It also overcomes fear and nervousness. Users of white coral are blessed with leadership quality and physical strength.
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QUICK OVERVIEW Maha Meru Shri Yantra in Gold is the most auspicious, sacred and powerful Yantra. Maha Meru Shree Yantra is connected deeply with the Ancient Vaastu Shastra. Maha Meru Shri Yantra in Gold is definitely the answer to all sorts of problems and negativity in our life. Shri Yantra is also called as the Instrument for Wealth, thus it brings spiritual and material wealth.
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